Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

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Our company is the first and biggest producer in Turkey and leading companies in the expandable polystyrene (EPS) in sector worldwide and the serving with its flexible structure in respect of processability in many areas and sector.

Our product portfolio offers solutions from essential safety components to facades, ceilings, cellar, wall, roof areas of buildings, packaging industry, home appliance – white- electronic goods fish-fruit boxes medicine, seed tray, geofoam coatings and food applications etc…

Our company which is particularly an important constituent of the packaging sector and insulation systems. 

We/Eastchem joined to the group as a result of the global acquisition by Ravago in 2012 is utilizing the suspension polymerization technology, which is a world wide recognized and very sensitive chemical process in the EPS production, once more in a quality of world standards and is realizing in its facilities located in Izmir Aliaga an EPS production with an annual capacity over 220.000 MT.

Besides Aliaga plant, Ravago has two other manufacturing plants, Monotez in Greece and RP Compounds in Germany, producing EPS beads for the building and packaging industry and took the second biggest EPS producer position in Europe with a production capacity over 310.000 MT/year.

EPS has created itself a broad utilization with its flexible structure in respect of processability in many areas and sectors. The fact that it is economical, safe and also recyclable is increasing the interest shown in this product day-by-day.

EPS Process

Expandable Polystyrene is a thermoplastic material in spherical bead shape, which contains Pentane as expansion agent, and is obtained in result of polymerization of Styrene.
The transformation process of expandable Polystyrene is realized with water vapor and the volume of the beads reaches 40 times of its original volume within less of one minute.

“Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)” Conversion Process
There are five production phases in the “Expanded Polystyrene” process realized using the Eurocell&Ravacell raw material:

Pre-expansion – Every one of the Polystyrene granules are expanding being exposed by free exposure to steam in order to constitute larger grains consisting from series of cells, which are not interconnected.

Conditioning – After the expansion, the beads are still containing condensed vapor and pentane gas in small quantities. After being cooled down, air replaces partially the other components and diffuses gradually into the pores.

Molding – These beads are molded in order to constituted boards, blocks or optional products. The mold serves to shape and retain the pre-foam, steam is reused in order to promote the expansion. During the molding steam causes the fusion of every single bead with its neighbors, thus a homogenous product is constituted.

Shaping – After a short cooling period, the molded block is taken off the machine and after an additional conditioning, they can be cut and shaped in the desire shape using a hot wire element or other appropriate techniques.

Post-production-processing – Finished product can be laminated with other coverings i.e. foils, plastics, roof felts, fiber-board or roof or wall or wall cladding materials.