Wire and Cable

In many Wire and Cable Applications plastic materials are serving several solutions in numerous applications due to; superior in their ability to improve safety, insulation, processability and more.

Ravago produces a wide range of plastics based on Thermoplastic Elastomers, Engineering Plastics, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes and Polyurethane System solutions for W&C applications. Our goal is to provide solutions to customer demands with consistent, high quality, competitively priced in alignment with specified regulations.

We closely follow the requirements and upcoming regulations for the market and work continuously with our unique R&D team for product development and fast solutions for customer with co-development philosophy. 

Ravago product portfolio offers unique material solutions with and without based on both halogenated and non-halogenated (halogen free) flame retardants for the electrical and electronics market includes flexible electronics, wearables, electronic accessories and components, electronic displays etc.

Our Solutions for Wire and Cable Industry